Aims & Objectives

The main objectives of the school are to provide an academic environment to the children suitable for studies and building of good moral character through education.

  1. Intellectual education is sought to be given by way of a course of studies that is suited to the mental development of the students.
  2. School education is imparted by way of making the student realize that he is a member of a society.
  3. Moral education is provided by way of instilling in the students a passion of whatever is true, good, honest and honorable.
  4. Physical education is provided with healthy sports and games.

School’s aim is to make the student true citizen of modern progressive India ready to meet the challenges of life.


  1. Davidians’ are required to behave politely at all times and should not use foul language, indulge in fight and quarrel with others in school. Any behavior likely to cause hurt to others in the manner of language, religious, caste or community is strictly prohibited.
  2. Students are expected to greet their teachers, where ever they meet them. It is a sign of their being civilized.
  3. Since it is a co-educational school, it is expected that students observe a higher standard of decorum as expected by the society.
  4. Students must obey their class monitor in the absence of the teacher.
  5. The school provides education upto class VIII. Therefore, it is expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection, while the juniors show due respect to their seniors.

Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene

  1. Personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected to be observed by every student in the school.
  2. Students will be responsible for the cleanliness of their surroundings. Class rooms must be kept neat and clean.
  3. Before leaving the class-rooms at the end of the day students must switch off the light and fans and close the window of their respective class-rooms.